Non-Western Cultural Norms

Sometimes to get a better understanding of our global context, we should examine cultures outside our own.  Especially looking at cultures that are outside the Western World help us to understand others that do not share our cultural tradition.  Biases are different in other cultures and provide an opportunity to reflect on our own preconceptions.

Population Control and its Effects on Women

HIV/AIDS and Gender: South African Women and the Spread of Infection

Eunuchs in India

Mauritania Wife-Fattening

Gender Expectations of Egyptian Adolescents

African Rites Throughout Life

Victim of Tradition

Cultural Traditions of African Bushmen Tribes

Girls Suffering for Mens’ Gains

Gender Roles Within the Philippines

A Painful Reality

Homosexuality in India

The Views of the Women in the Zulu Tribe and Bobo Fing Tribe

Cream of the Crops


Race and Voodoo in the Dominican Republic

The Hijras of India


Burdens to Blessings

The Outsider

The Arusha Age-Set Cycle

Israeli Women Hardships


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